Adhesive First Aid Kit

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Everything you need for an adhesive emergency. 

Our specially-curated Adhesive First Aid Kit contains must-have tools for any lash artist.  

Even the best artists know that when it comes to adhesive for eyelash extensions, sometimes things just go wrong. The Adhesive First Aid Kit has everything you need to save them from a clogged, stuck or blocked nozzle. 

In addition, the kit contains a resealable pouch that will protect your adhesive from exposure to heat and moisture. You also get a silica gel pack to absorb excess moisture and prevent your adhesive from deteriorating once opened. 

Having the right adhesive for your lash extensions is crucial – so make sure it’s protected from emergencies with the Adhesive First Aid Kit. 

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Kit Contains:

  • 1x Heat Protective Pouch
  • 1x Silica Pack
  • 1x Nozzle
  • 1x Adhesive Pin


      Money Saver
      Time Saver
  1. Remove adhesive nozzle and replace.
  2. Pierce adhesive nozzle with pin to clear unwanted blockage.
  3. Store adhesive in heat protective pouch with silica pack to absorb unwanted moisture and store away from sunlight.