How long can I keep my adhesive for?
The adhesive should be replaced every 4-6 weeks.

How should I store my adhesive?
Store in cool dry place away from hear or direct sunlight in an airtight container.

Should I shake my adhesive before a service?
Shake adhesive at least two minutes before each service.

Are your adhesives approved by the FDA?
Since our products are not classified as a food or a drug, it does not pertain to eyelash extension products.

Are your adhesives latex free?
Yes, all of our adhesives are latex and formaldehyde free.


What are your lashes made of?
Our lashes are faux mink synthetic yarn PBT fibers. They are made with Micro-Pore Technology. Breathable Micro-Pores engineered to pull-in adhesive molecules. Once in contact with natural lashes, adhesive releases and fastens onto natural lash for optimized bonding and retention.

What are Ultra-Light Flat Matte Lashes?
Top and bottom spheres of lashes are shaved to become flat. This makes the lashes lighter and softer to the touch.
Our lashes also feature a tapered end for a softer, matte finish.

What’s the difference between the Pre-Made Volume Fans and the Multi Fans?
The Pre-Made Fans are heat bonded volume fans that are the same length from the base to the tip. The Multi Fans feature different lengths on a fan to offer more of a fluffy, skyline effect.

Can I use a lash enhancer with eyelash extensions?
Yes, our LASHFOOD Phyto-Medic Eyelash Enhancer was made to keep natural lashes strong and healthy and nor harm or hinder extension wear time. Formulated specifically for lash extensions, LASHFOOD’s plant-based formula helps extend the life of extensions.


What is the difference between the Oil-Free Clarifying and the Brightening Foam?
They can both be used to cleanse the face and lash area. The Clarifying Cleanser has Gingko Biloba as its key ingredient to gently clean pores and the Brightening Foam is made with Vitamin C to help reduce the appearance of dark spots and brighten skin.

Do you provide MSDS for your items?
Yes, we can provide an MSDS for any formulated items, please contact info@jblashes.com.

Cruelty Free

Do you test on animals or use any animal byproducts in your items?
JB Cosmetics is and always will be 100% Cruelty-Free!