The Originators


JB LASHES started as a mother-daughter team determined to provide girl bosses all over the world with premium eyelash extension products and services. In 2004, the JB LASHES team introduced the American beauty industry to an entirely new love affair – beautiful and high-quality eyelash extensions for everyday wear. As the originators of this beauty phenomenon, JB LASHES has stayed at the forefront of the industry to become its most trusted brand and produced award-winning products year after year.


Today, we lead the industry with our state-of-the-art lash extensions, comprehensive lash care kits, and team of highly trained lash stylists. We are constantly striving to give our #JBLashaholics the best of the best at competitive pricing. Above all else, we make your #LashGoals our first and only priority.


The JB Lashes Difference

Girl Power

As a company owned and run by women, we believe in empowering women to reach their beauty and life goals. Our JB LASHES team works with women all over the world, giving them competitive pay and resources for career advancement. We work hard to cultivate a strong female community, and every single member’s energy and contributions go into every product we create. We are women who employ women, and serve women. And that’s pretty powerful.

Cutting Out the Middleman

There’s no need to sacrifice quality for affordability. At JB LASHES, all our products are made here in the USA by JB Cosmetics. Because we’re factory-direct, we’re able to supply the industry’s most premium products at the most competitive prices. By cutting out the middleman, we provide salons, spas, and training schools with the highest quality lash extensions and freshest lash care products at the lowest cost – because your success is our success.


Dynamic Education


We strive to keep lash professionals up-to-date on the new technologies and techniques sweeping the lash world. In addition to creating trusted and innovative products, we want to educate Lash Stylists to apply eyelash extensions safely and effectively. We set our Lash Stylists up for success, so they can help their clients achieve the lash goals of their dreams.

Among the industry’s most innovative and experienced professionals, our JB LASHES educators lead nationwide seminars on the latest lash techniques, lash anatomy, devices, and ingredients throughout the year.


Available for private training at your location or at JB LASHES


JB Cosmetics Group


Based in sunny Los Angeles, JB LASHES is a family-run business and subsidiary of JB Cosmetics. Since its 2004 launch, JB Cosmetics has seen rapid growth, increased brand awareness, and distinguished recognition in the ever-evolving beauty market.

By constantly investing in state-of-the-art equipment, seeking the most premium ingredients, and researching and testing to-the-minute trends, JB Cosmetics is consistently able to disrupt the industry and deliver the latest and greatest cosmetic innovations, JB Cosmetics’ signature beauty solutions can be found at premiere salons, spas, and beauty suppliers, including medical spas, dermatology clinics, and beauty academies.

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