Glass Lash Tile

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This Glass Lash Tile allows for easy organization and switching of lash strips between clients. Featuring glass material that is light-weight yet provides durability and stability to prevent any shifting during services.

Custom engineered with a volume cup insert to dispense adhesive which allows for convenient volume and mega volume fan preparation (disposable adhesive volume cups sold separately).

Compact in size and designed to fit perfectly on any lash pillow, each tile can fit up to 10 strips of lashes on this smooth and easy-to-clean glass surface.

Dimensions: 6" x 3" x 0.25"


      Space Saver
      Time Saver
Place lash strips directly onto the Volume Glass Lash Tile. Add volume cup to insert.

To Clean:
*Spray acetone or alcohol to clean and sanitize tile.
*Use a glass scraper to remove any sticker reside left behind from lash strips.
*3M Tape can also be applied to the top of the tile before applying lash strips for easier clean up.