Melt Away Cream Remover

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Removing lash adhesive has never been easier. 

Effortlessly dissolve your lash adhesive with our Melt Away Cream Remover. Melt Away has been carefully formulated with the finest ingredients to gently remove lash adhesive without harming natural lashes. 

The slightly thicker and creamier consistency of Melt Away allows you to target individual lashes with precision. You can remove the extensions you want without gel spreading across the entire eye area, making the process safer and much more comfortable for your client. 

Melt Away helps you to speed up your lash removal and get back to what you do best – creating beautiful lashes for your clients! 

Formula information:

The buttery cream consistency allows for targeted removal without seeping into unwanted areas to allow single lash extension to slide off without harming or irritating client. 

  • Size: 15g / 0.53oz


      Time Saver

Cover and protect clients bottom lashes down.  Dispense a small amount of remover onto 2 micro-brush swabs.  Place one micro-brush swab underneath the lashes, and one on top of the lashes.  Gently and slowly coat extensions.  Go back and forth from eye to eye sliding the remover from base to tips.  Allow remover to sit for 10 minutes then begin wiping extension off with a micro swab or tweezers.  Once extensions are removed, use Primer Pads and towel to wipe away excess remover.   

  • Always clean residue after removal with Prep+Post Makeup Remover Pads and Lint-Free Applicator Swabs.

Gamma-butyrolactone, Montmorillonite, Copolmer, Perfume