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Looking for tips on how to lash faster? Check out these 5 simple ideas from the experts at JB Lashes. 

As a lash artist, it’s natural to want to find any way possible to reduce your appointment times and get more clients through the door. All too often though, we see lash techs mistaking *rushing* for *efficiency* – a mistake that can ultimately harm both your reputation and your results. 

As lash artists, we believe that the eyelash extensions process requires time and laser focus, and can’t be improved by cutting corners. The key to lashing faster is not to rush through the application itself, but to streamline all those little areas in the process where you could be wasting valuable time. Even a few seconds lost per eyelash adds up to significant minutes over the course of an appointment. 

In this post, we’ll take you through five tried-and-tested ways to lash faster without compromising on your artistry. Keep reading to find out how to overcome the most common – and preventable! – issues that occur during your lash appointments. 

Tip #1 – Prep Ahead of Time 

The easiest way to lash faster? Prep your lash cart setup ahead of time! 

Having everything on your lash station prepped and ready to go before your appointment begins is an absolute game-changer when it comes to speeding up your application process. For the most efficient appointment possible, you need to be able to start lashing as soon as your client is in the chair. 

From your disposable brushes and eye pads, to the tape you use to manipulate your clients’ eyelids – the number of things you can prep beforehand is greater than you think. 

Here are are some things to consider: 

  • Do you have all of your essential disposable brushes and eye pads prepared and on hand for your next client? 
  • What type of lash set are they interested in? A natural classic set or full volume set? 
  • Are they having their current set removed first (and if so, have you got your swabs, lash remover and extra tweezers ready)?  

It sounds simple, but you’d be surprised at how much time you can shave off your appointments just by double-checking you have the right tools ready for the job. 

Finally, pre-cut tape is your best friend! Fiddling around with a roll of tape is the last thing you want to be doing in the middle of an appointment. Before you start your day’s work, make sure you’ve cut your strips and have them ready on your station.  


Tip #2 – Cleanse Lashes Thoroughly  

It might be tempting to race through the cleansing step in order to get started with the lashing process, but don’t be fooled. Thorough cleansing with a quality product like Cloud Cleanse Lash Wash saves you much more time overall, by improving how well your extensions adhere to the natural eyelashes. 

The cleansing step is also the perfect time to make sure your client is comfortable and relaxed. Invest in a high-quality product for this stage that will be soothing on your client’s skin and ease them gently into the appointment. 

Using a gentle cleansing brush, lather your cleanser and swipe it over lids and eyelashes at the start of the appointment. Our Cloud Cleanse is formulated with Tea Tree water for its natural antibacterial properties, ensuring a thorough cleanse without using harsh chemicals on the delicate skin around the eyes.  

Cleansing your client’s eyelashes in this way will work to remove any sources of inflammation, and leave the eyelash follicles clean and hydrated before you start your application. Clean and prepped eyelashes give you a blank canvas to work on – allowing you to lash faster, with better adherence. Your clients will be happier for longer, as clean natural eyelashes lead to much better retention for your extensions. 




Tip #3 – Choose the Best Lash Adhesive for Your Lash Cart Setup 

Unsuitable adhesive is one of the most common issues holding lash artists back from speeding up their application process. Lash adhesive is extremely sensitive to the environment in which it’s kept, so it’s crucial that you choose the right adhesive for your room. 

If you haven’t got one already, invest in a hygrometer – a tool used to measure humidity – as part of your lash cart setup. Hygrometers are relatively inexpensive and will make a world of difference to your eyelash application process, allowing you to adjust your approach depending on the humidity of your room.                                                               

The ideal humidity level for lashing is in the 45-60% range. In high humidity, adhesive dries out quicker, so it’s important to choose a high humidity lash adhesive with a slower drying time. You should also bear in mind that high humidity is likely to result in increased oil and sweat production from your clients’ skin. In these conditions, be sure to cleanse eyelashes thoroughly and opt for a lash adhesive that isn’t too sensitive to oil. 

And just as high humidity can cause problems, low humidity causes issues too. Lash adhesive requires a certain level of moisture in the air to be able to cure properly. If the air is too dry, your adhesive won’t solidify – leaving your adhesive tacky and your extensions liable to clumping up. If your room tends toward dry air, choose a low humidity adhesive with a fast drying time to counteract the issue. 

Finally, don’t forget that the temperature at which you store your lash adhesive can make a huge difference to its performance. When not in use, store your adhesive in a mild, dry environment at around 65 degrees F. The ideal temperature for your application environment is around 68-71 degrees F. 

Ensuring you have the right products for your particular setup will help you to lash faster and improve retention for your clients’ eyelashes. And make sure you continue to monitor your room conditions on an ongoing basis: many lash artists find they need to switch up their adhesive when the seasons change. 


Tip #4 – Use the Right Tweezers for the Task 

Something that can really speed up the eyelash extension process is using the right tweezers at every step of the application. 

When you’re working at speed, every second counts when it comes to isolating the natural eyelashes. Isolation tweezers help you lash faster by allowing you to isolate the natural lashes much more easily, and to maneuver through lashes efficiently in hard-to-reach areas of the lash line. Make sure you have a range of isolation tweezers as part of your lash cart setup, and get to know which shapes work best for you in terms of reducing hand fatigue. 

For applying the eyelash extension itself, choose pick-up tweezers that give you a reliable grip and won’t slide around. And of course, tailor your tools to each appointment, using either classic or volume pick-up tweezers depending on the look you’re creating.  


Tip #5 – Achieve More Volume in Less Time with Pre-Made Fans 

Pre-made volume fans are an incredibly efficient way to lash faster without compromising on quality of application.  

When choosing pre-made fans, be sure to seek out fans that look as close to hand-made as possible. The range of pre-made fans on the market can vary dramatically in quality, so it’s crucial to do your research.  

HD Volume Pre-Made Fans from JB Lashes are hand-made and heat-bonded, ensuring beautiful finished results every time. Our pre-made fans are available in a variety of ready-to-use styles, enabling busy lash artists to effortlessly create a range of dramatic looks. 

The right pre-made fans can totally change the game when it comes to your eyelash application speed. If you’re interested in how to lash faster, it’s well worth introducing them into your process. 


That’s it: you’re all set to start lashing faster and make time for more clients! 

At JB Lashes we’ve been at the forefront of lash artistry since 2004, and everything we do is geared toward making this industry the best it can be. If you’ve found these tips useful for your practice, make sure you keep up to date with us on social for more expert advice and tricks of the trade. And if you have more questions about how to lash faster or improve your technique, get in touch with us and let us know what’s on your mind.  

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